Transitioning From a Regular Job to a Dream Job

For years I have written software for companies that push hard, don’t test and are only concerned with the bottom line. Now to be fair, a business is a business and as such needs to be profitable. But there is a trend to abuse a lot of people who are eager to do well in the software development arena.

A practice I see more and more today is the hiring of eager, young junior developers and working them day and night to produce software at a fast, cheap rate. But there are a lot of terrible consequences of this, both for the eager developer and the company.

Burning out is a serious issue in software development. Many young developers leave the industry prematurely due to working too long and too hard. Many will never return.

Companies that practice this end up with software that is designed poorly and eventually cannot find talented developers to work at their facility because of the bad reputation they get in the industry.

Recently I was given the opportunity to join a company with an outstanding reputation. For the first time in my life, I was not pressured to stay up all night to finish artificial deadlines. Even more, I was treated with kindness and respect as well as being encouraged to better myself. For this reason, I gladly turn down job offers with more money. And ever more, I gladly put in a long nights and extra effort because I know that this will not become an expected norm.

Now at this time you must be wondering what this “dream job” is. Well, this amazing place would be Code School. And what Code School has done is quite impressive. Some of the best talent from around the globe work here and they very likely get offers for other positions yielding very high salaries. So how does Code School keep such great talent? The culture!

Treating people with respect, offering benefits that target healthy happy employee, treating people like adults, realizing life happens and not working people to death. There are so many more reasons that make Code School awesome it would take another blog to list them all. But the point is, because of this amazing culture no one wants to leave. Everyone tries their hardest to ensure the company is going to succeed and everyone is friends…not backstabbing competitors.

I love every day that I get to work at Code School. I would bend over backwards to help anyone here and will continue to do so. It is amazing what great culture, great people and a great vision can really produce.

For those who are in a job that is not optimal, my advice would be to keep looking. It can be hard to find one of these amazing places to work, but it is worth the effort. For me, it is the only way to grow as an engineer and continue to enjoy what you love to do.